Clinically Proven, Blis K12 and Bl-O4 Probiotic Specially Formulated for Chronic Sinus, Ear, Nose, Throat & Mouth Issues

Breathe freely again with the only probiotic formulated with two clinically studied, cutting-edge strains that target chronic Sinus, Ear, Nose, Throat & Mouth such as allergies, Sinusitis, Rhinitis and Post Nasal Drip.

Clinically Proven, Blis K12 and Bl-O4 Probiotic Specially Formulated for Chronic Sinus, Ear, Nose, Throat & Mouth Issues

Breathe freely again with the only probiotic
formulated with two clinically studied, cutting-edge
strains to target Chronic Sinus, Ear, Nose, Throat & Mouth issues.

Improve Your Sinus/Nose Health

Finally enjoy sinus relief with Bionaze™. Our blend of clinically studied probiotic strains help improve breathing and eliminates post nasal drip.

Promote Your Overall Well-being

Bionaze™ improves your overall well-being by helping you maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in your upper respiratory area.

Restore Drainage/Reduce Phlegm

The patented strains in Bionaze™ boost your immune system and promote proper drainage and viscosity thus reducing phlegm.

What Is Bionaze™ Probiotic?

Bionaze™ is an amazing new formula consisting of two clinically studied and patented probiotic bacteria strains designed for those with chronic ear, nose & throat issues including Allergies/Hay Fever, Asthma, Rhinovirus, Halitosis (bad breath), Post Nasal drip, Sinus and Ear Infections.  Bionaze™ lozenges contain BLIS K12™ and Bl-04™ probiotic bacteria strains. 

BLIS K12™ is a “specific strain” of probiotic bacteria called Streptococcus salivarius K12™ which naturally grows in the mouth, sinus and throats of some healthy adults and children and is the bacteria strain responsible for giving babies “Baby Breath.”

Read more about the science behind a product like Bionaze by reading the scientific studies. Read the studies surrounding the breakthrough probiotic strains contained in Bionaze™.

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  • Boost healthy flora in sinuses
  • Restore proper drainage

  • Reduce phlegm

  • Improve mucus flow and flush out unhealthy bacteria

  • Get back to a normal, healthy breathing pattern

Real Testimonials From Real Users

Real Testimonials From Real Users

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Bionaze™ – Providing Probiotics for ENT Care

When you hear the word “bacteria”, the first things that come to mind are diseases & infections. We often associate bacteria with something bad that should be avoided at all cost. Truth is, not all bacteria is bad. There are beneficial bacteria strains too!  In fact, all living things require bacteria to survive.  We call the good bacteria “probiotics”.  They are beneficial to your body and helps fight their disease-causing counterparts. Your body also needs probiotics to perform normal body functions. You can obtain probiotics from food you eat and more targeted probiotics such as Bionaze™ from supplements.

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How it Works?

The probiotic bacteria Blis K12 found in Bionaze™ was discovered by a microbiologist studying the natural bacteria found in a schoolchild displaying exceptional oral and sinus health.  The Blis K12 bacteria was isolated and clinically studied due to its unique qualities.  The dual clinically studied bacteria strains contained in Bionaze™ is designed to provide a healthy bacterial base that helps children and adults fight off illness. Bionaze™ was formulated adding another patented and clinically studied probiotic Bl-04 to provide the state of the art probiotic for allergies such as hay fever and other Ear, Nose, Throat, Mouth and Sinus issues. 

Read More About The Science Behind the  Wonderful Science and Benefits of the Bionaze™ Probiotic Bacteria Strains By Clicking Below

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